Position Description:  Orillia Wind Ensemble (OWE) Music Director

Reference: OWE Constitution, dated 24 June 2013 (copy to be provided to candidates.)

Annual Salary: To be negotiated.

Start Date: September 2016 (although the successful candidate will be invited to participate in the 2016/2017 planning process.)

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Music Director will manage an Artistic Program in keeping with the Mission of the OWE, direct weekly rehearsals of the OWE during the normal band season (September to June inclusive), direct and coordinate the musical aspects of concerts (including arranging for guest musicians and guest artists participating in OWE concerts) and participate in the OWE budgeting and administrative process by attending monthly OWE Executive Committee meetings.

The Music Director will report to the President of the Executive Committee.  The Music Director’s salary and duties shall be negotiated annually and documented in a contract.  The Music Director’s contract will include a clause that the employment of the Music Director is at the discretion of the President and that at any time employment may be terminated without cause or recourse upon a Majority Vote of the Executive.

The Music Director, taking into account input obtained from the Music Committee, shall submit an Artistic Program for the next fiscal year to the Executive Committee for their review and approval. This planning process will be commenced as soon as possible during the current fiscal year and should be finalized by May in order that the next fiscal year’s OWE Budget can be prepared for approval, grants can be applied for, venues can be reserved and required contracts and arrangements for the program be arranged in a timely and professional manner. At a minimum the Artistic Program normally consists of three themed subscription concerts plus an end of year outdoor concert.

The Music Director will chair the Music Committee.  The Music Committee is made up of the Music Director, the Executive President, and the Section Leaders. The role of the Music Committee is to provide a forum to discuss all musical and artistic aspects of the OWE including discussing concert theme ideas, music selection ideas, section problems, augmentation options, conductor feedback, band feedback, etc.  Recommendations made by the Music Committee will be taken to the Executive Committee for approval.  Ideas shared at the Music Committee meetings will be used by the Music Director in formulating his Artistic Program.  The Music Committee meets at least bi-annually.

The Music Director will approve Section Leaders who are nominated by members of the Section.  The Section Leaders will assign parts to Members in their Section and shall be the primary point of contact between the Section and the Music Director on matters pertaining to the Section.  The Music Director may override the Section Leaders’ part assignments as part of his responsibility to direct and balance the band.

The Music Director will be expected to maintain close ties with the musical artistic community in Orillia and seek out opportunities to participate in or organize additional concerts which support the Mission of the OWE.

Music Director Job Description

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